Leaving Las Vegas EP

by Kid Apocalypse

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Kid Apoc (Quinn Allan), everyone’s favorite rapping mutant clone, returns with a new 3-song EP, Leaving Las Vegas. The new tracks scramble fact and fiction(s) as Kid Apoc explores the existential crisis of a comic character abandoned by his creator to a universe hostile to his existence as both mutant and deviation from the status quo.

The title track, “Leaving Las Vegas,” infuses meta-critique of the current state of comics with a potent dose of Hunter S. Thompson’s gonzo influence. Uncle Wade (Jared Yanez) takes the reigns on “Wheat Cakes and Aunt Mays” for a fourth-wall crashing blitz of innuendo and Bea Arthur worship. On the final track, “Earth 616 (Terrigen Remix)”, Kid Apoc and the Bad McCoy (Yanez) remix and revise their original version from Kid Apoc’s 2012 debut to take on the corporate mandate to clear mutant-kind out to make way for Inhumanity.

In loving, albeit conflicted, tribute to the mighty Marvel mutants of the 616, check out the Leaving Las Vegas EP and Kid Apoc’s latest music video for an all-new, all-different apocalypse.


released May 27, 2016

Kid Apocalypse - Quinn Allan
Dark Bease/Deadpool - Jared Yanez
Produced and Engineered by - Pwn Toney
All music by - Kielen King
Album art by - Kevin Reynolds
Layout - Jeff Hammond



all rights reserved


Kid Apocalypse Portland, Oregon

Straight from the pages of Uncanny X-Force, and Wolverine and the X-Men comes Kid Apocalypse! Slinging rhymes in the 616 Universe, Kid A is riding the line between good and evil with his partner in crime Dark Beast from the Age of Apocalyspe Universe. Will he stay on the path of good, or will his nature turn him to evil. Find out in these free songs! ... more

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Track Name: Leaving Las Vegas
It's the K-A,
the true believer.
Never gonna be another,
so play the griever.

Way things are going,
gonna be like a dinosaur.
Branded for extinction,
and it's getting me kinds sore.

Ain't gonna be another crisis
or end game.
I've read em all before,
man, they all end the same.

Remember Remender?
That's what their sure to say.
Working for the "big two",
no way they're gonna make him stay.

Where does that leave me?
No kind of legacy.
After Manhattan,
they think they got me pegged.

See I don't want a ret-con,
I'm sick of do-overs.
Praying to the dollar,
gets the loyal screwed over.

Another Axis and Allies,
a war that''s at a summit.
Scratch that, back to one,
now watch the numbers plummet.

The lesson's in the open,
but they learn too late.
Take it from Apoc,
leave nothing to fate.

Now I pull myself aside,
and say I got what it takes.
Try to focus on the ride,
not these phonies and fakes.

All these little crabs that scuttle,
making fun of my voice.
Latching on to bigger men,
like they aint got a choice.

It's the power of the heart,
like fucking Captain Planet.
When my power combines,
you'd be lucky if you could stand it.

My life is like a movie,
shit, everyone's a critic.
Try to put out some good,
and they just hit it and quit it.

Like I've done nothing before,
like my lifetime of work,
is little more than a bore.

You think you have what it takes?
I'd like to see your credentials.
Try to keep that in mind,
cause my point is essential.

You're just a face in the crowd,
and a voice in the sea.
You better have what it takes,
you coming at mine and me.

I try to spit only peace,
try to practice what I preach.
I've been known to be wrong,
won't always grasp what I reach.

It's not occasional trolls,
it's the constant white noise.
It's the ever-rising tide,
a total lack of real poise.

It's the high watermark,
where the wave finally broke.
And forever rolled back,
and that's the end of the joke.

I'm nothing more than a freak,
still in the freak kingdom.
Thought we had a kill shot,
all we really did was wing him.

Now I'm leaving Las Vegas,
here's my final goodbye.
I'm too weird to live,
and too rare to die.